Our school is located in the center of Shunan City in Yamaguchi Prefecture, which is the westernmost part of Honshu, Japan. It is convenient for transportation and has a learning environment and living environment. Shunan City is surrounded by the sea and mountains, so it is warm and easy to spend, and the people are friendly and kind. Prices are relatively cheap and safe, making it suitable for learning. Our school was founded in 1984 and is licensed by Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education. The Japanese Department was founded in 2003 and has hundreds of graduates. In addition to experienced teachers, life coaching staff are always available to help you with your learning and life problems.


About Shunan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture


Yamaguchi Prefecture

Shunan City

PopulationAbout 1,376,0002018

Tokyo  :About 13,735,0002017

PopulationAbout 144,5002018


Foreign populationAbout 13,3602018

Foreign population1,5602018

Area  About 6,111㎢ 

 TokyoAbout 2,188㎢ 

AreaAbout 656㎢ 


Features of Tokuyama Business College

  Nationwide, tuition is cheap and dormitory costs and living costs are low.

Japanese language course 

2 year courseApril enrollment

1.5 year courseOctober enrollment

This course aims to enter Japanese universities and vocational schools.

There are 4 hours of lessons per day, totaling 1,600 hours for the 2-year course and 1,220 hours for the 1.5-year course.

 1. At the time of application, we will check whether you have Japanese proficiency equivalent to Japanese Language Proficiency Test N5, J-TEST F grade, NAT-TEST 4 grade or higher.


 2. After graduating from the Japanese language course, you can proceed to our specialized courses. Graduates of our Japanese language department are exempt from the admission fee of 150,000 yen, and the tuition fee for one year of the postsecondary course is 380,000 yen. (A textbook fee is required separately.)


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ElementaryJapanese Language Proficiency Test N5 to N4 pass level

  From basic pronunciation and greetings, students will learn the basics of Japanese such as hiragana, katakana, and kanji. The goal is to understand basic grammar and to be able to properly use the four skills of "speak, write, read, and listen."

We aim to acquire the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N3.

Intermediate: Japanese Language Proficiency Test N3 pass level

  Students will learn more complicated grammar items based on the basic grammar. We aim to acquire accurate reading of sentences of a certain length (around 1,000 characters), fluent conversation in various situations, and logical writing ability.

 We aim to acquire Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2.

AdvancedJapanese Language Proficiency Test N2 pass level

  Students will be able to understand the topics of newspapers and news and express their opinions about it, so that they will acquire the level of Japanese proficiency at the level where they do not have any difficulty in communicating using Japanese.


  We aim to acquire the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1.


Recruitment capacity


  80 people



Spring term (first term)     → From April 1st to September 30th


Fall semester (second term) → From October 1st to March 31st of the following year



Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays in Japan

Summer vacation From August 1st to August 31st

Winter vacation  From December 25th to January 7th of the following year


Spring vacation  From March 16 to March 31


Class time

Morning class

Afternoon class

1st period 09:00 – 09:45

2nd period 09:50 – 10:35

3rd period 10:45 – 11:30

4th period 11:35 – 12:20

5th period 13:20 14:05

6th period 14:10 14:55

7th period 15:05 15:50

8th period 15:55 16:40



 About annual events


 Various events are held throughout the year, both inside and outside the school. By participating in them, you can experience Japanese traditional culture and get in touch with Japanese people living in the area. Let's make happy memories through international exchange.


Spring term (first term)

Fall semester (second term)


Entrance ceremony



Medical checkup


The 1st Japan Examination

for Japanese University Admission


1st term exam

1st Japanese Language Proficiency Test


Summer vacation


Fall semester start


October student entrance ceremony

School excursion


The 2nd Examination

for Japanese University Admission

International Exchange Festa

 Japanese Speech Contest by Foreigners

(Tokuyama University)


2nd term exam

Christmas party

The 2nd Japanese Language Proficiency Test

Japanese speech contest by foreigners

Japan United Nations Association Yamaguchi Branch

Winter vacation


New Year


Entrance examination

Setsubun festival


Graduation ceremony and farewell party

Spring vacation


Career guidance

To improve your career after graduation, you will be provided with career guidance and interviews, and you will be able to select a destination and a course of choice according to your aspirations.



About going from a Japanese language course to a Postsecondary Course

Students who have graduated from the Japanese language course can directly proceed to postsecondary courses at Tokuyama Business College. There are the following three courses in the postsecondary course.

    Information and Accounting course1 - year

    Information and Accounting course2 - year

    General business course4 - year

A discount on tuition will be applied to the students who have graduated from the Japanese language course.



In addition, by completing the two-year course, you will be awarded the title of Diploma. Diploma have the same qualifications as graduation from a junior college, and possessing this will enable them to find employment in Japan.


About dormitories

 Our school has dormitories. The dormitories are in a quiet environment, with good transport links and a 10-minute walk from the school. There is also a dormitory adjacent to the school building. The dormitories offered to international students are about 10,000 yen cheaper than ordinary rent.

The school provides electric appliances (electric rice cooker, IH cooker), furniture (bed, futon, desk, chair), tableware (one plate, one bowl, one cup, one chopstick, one spoon) to students living in the dormitory. We have everything you need for your new life. Most international students now live in dormitories.

1 person room   :168,000 yenHalf a year

2-3 person room  :138,000 yenHalf a year


Including utilities


About part-time job


Shunan City is the most industrial and commercial city in Yamaguchi Prefecture. One of Japan's leading petrochemical complex is lined up, and the town is full of vitality. Therefore, the service industry such as food and drink in Shunan City is well developed and the school can provide sufficient part-time job information to international students.




 Students of our school can receive privately-funded foreign student study incentives from the Japan Student Services Organization. We evaluate students' academic performance, lifestyle, people, etc. Every year, 2-3 students receive a monthly scholarship of 48,000 yen (current), and no refund is required.


About admission qualification

Those who meet all of the following conditions

① Completed a curriculum of 12 years or more in regular school education.

② Less than 10 years have passed since graduating from the final school.

Those who have been graduated for more than 5 years will be carefully examined for their willingness to study.

Have a history of studying Japanese for 150 hours or more.Japanese Language Proficiency Test N4 or above

    The purpose of studying abroad and the course after graduation are clear.

    There is a guarantee of payment for stay expenses such as tuition and living expenses while attending school.

    You have not been issued an application for a "resident status" from a Japanese language institution other than our school.


Tokuyama Business College applies for a student visa for applicants who meet all of the above requirements.


Admission procedure schedule


April enrollment

October enrollment


Fill out the necessary information in the documents sent from the school,

and submit them to the school, Enclose screening fees.

Documents are examined at the school.

By mid-October

By early May


Interview examination is carried out in the country where the applicant resides.

End of October

Early May


Final selection of applicants.

After selecting applicants

After selecting applicants


The documents are submitted by the school to the Ministry of Justice’s Hiroshima Immigration Bureau.

Please submit documents to a school one month ago

Mid December

End of June


The Ministry of Justice’s Hiroshima  Immigration Bureau issues the

authorization of resident eligibility to the school. Contact is made to either the student or his or her affiliated organization.

From February to March of the following year

Early September to mid September


Complete payment of initial payment

Within 2 weeks from the result of examination by Immigration Bureau

Within 2 weeks from the result of examination by Immigration Bureau


Preparation for coming to Japan

Get passport and visa

From February to March of the following year

From September

to October


Come to Japan and enroll

April 1

of the following year

October 1



Below is a list of documents to be submitted

Documents to be prepared by applicant

1. Application for admissionPrinted form provided our school

2. Resume and reason for attending schoolPrinted form provided our school

Those who have completed more than 5 years after graduating from the final school must have a strong motivation, purpose, and motivation for learning.

3. Certificate from last school (Original)

4. Student registration certificate(It is attending school now)

5. The school record for all semesters at the last school graduated

6. Studying Japanese certificateOver 150 hours at a Japanese language institution in your home country

7. Documents that can prove Japanese abilityEither one

Examples a. Certificate of Japanese Language Proficiency Test and Certificate Results.

      b. Certificate of J.TEST and Certificate Results.

      c. Certificate of NAT-TEST and Certificate Results

8. Copy of family registry

9. Certificate of employment (which can prove the applicant's background)

10. Copy of the applicant's passportAll pages

11. Copy of the applicant's identification

12. 10 Photos(4.5cm×3cm taken with 4 months of application)

13. Consent formPrinted form provided our school

14. Dormitory application formPrinted form provided our school

Documents required to be submitted by the applicant's financial supporter

15. Written Oath of Defrayal (Printed form provided our school)

16. Proof of relationship between the applicant and the payer

17. Copy of the supporter’s Identification

18. Copy of the supporter’s family registry

19. Certificate of balance of bank account under the name of the supporter

20. Copy of the supporter’s bankbook

21. Certificate of employment by the employer (Original)

23. Certificate of Income issued by the employer (For three years)

24. Tax statement (For three years)

25. Balance description

Japanese translationJapanese translation required for all documents

26. Verification of translation


This paper should be written by applicants or Oath of Defrayal.

Documents Validity is within three months

If there are blank in your background, add the explanation

Statement as regard your purpose of studying in Japan should include convincing reasons why learning Japanese will become essential for accomplishing your purpose based on your past experience.)

Please let us know in advance if you have rejected in the past.

The copied form is only allowed from the original. Color copy is recommended


 About interview examination

Applicants must attend an interview examination.

The interview examination will be conducted to determine if you have the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N4 or equivalent Japanese language proficiency.

Basically, we do interviews on site, but other than that we also do interviews using skype.


About school paymentAs of FY2020

2-year course (first year)

1.5-year coursefirst year

Screening Fee  

Admission Fee  

Japanese Language

 Examination Fee 

Tuition Fee    

20,000 yen

80,000 yen

26,000 yen

5 times


524,500 yen

1 year

Screening Fee

Admission Fee

Japanese Language

 Examination Fee

Tuition Fee

20,000 yen

80,000 yen

26,000 yen

5 times


524,500 yen

1 year


650,500 yen


650,500 yen

Dormitory fee

Half a year

1 room 2 people

138,000 yen

Dormitory fee

Half a year

1 room 2 people

138,000 yen


to pay before coming to Japan

788.500 yen


to pay before coming to Japan

788.500 yen

If you continue to live in the dormitory after the end of the previous term, the dormitory fee of 138,000 yen for the latter term will be added.

If you continue to live in the dormitory after the end of the previous term, the dormitory fee of 138,000 yen for the latter term will be added.

2-year course (next year)

1.5-year coursenext year

Tuition Fee

524,500 yen

1 year

Tuition Fee

271,000 yen

Half a year

If you live in a dormitory, 276,000 yen will be added for both the first and second semesters.

If you live in a dormitory, you will be charged 138,000 yen for one term.

Once paid, the money cannot be refunded. However, if you have not been granted permission (a visa was not issued) in the process of exiting the country, even though you have been issued a "Certificate of Eligibility", you must immediately return the "entrance permit (admission notice)" to our school. As soon as the certificate arrives, we will refund the balance after deducting the communication fee, procedure fee (10,000 yen), bank transfer fee (about 6,000 yen) and selection fee from the payment excluding the entrance fee.


5% of the tuition fee will be deducted as an early discount for those who have paid the tuition fee for the next academic year early (by the end of February).